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A manufacturer of ‘green’ agricultural, consumer and construction equipment has implemented B and B Electronics’ Zlinx wireless products.

The company’s backhoe assembly line consists of Automated Guide Vehicles (AGVs) that tug backhoe units between assembly stations.

Using wired serial communications, internal intelligence guides mobile AGVs along a magnetic path in the floor.

With the installation of B and B Electronics’ Zlinx wireless products, featuring Zlinx Manager Software, AGVs are now wirelessly managed through the PLC and processes are maintained by a single, remote group.

B and B Electronics recently released the next generation of Zlinx Manager software for its Zlinx radio modems and Zlinx wireless I/O product lines.

Software upgrades include enhanced security, peer-to-peer mirrored I/O mapping, superior low-latency response rates (8ms/digital), field calibration, user-defined failsafe output states, and Modbus compatibility.

Improved low latency allows real-time control and monitoring.

Enhanced security features on Zlinx long-range models include 256-bit AES encryption, software-selectable RF power and OTA data rates.

Short-range models feature 128-bit encryption and software-selectable RF power.

Peer-to-peer I/O configuration allows one-to-one mapping of two identical systems.

Point-to-point I/O mapping and Modbus to I/O point-to-point mapping are possible.

Field calibration calculates correction factors to improve I/O value accuracy and better match sensors.

Fail-safe output states allow resetting I/O to a user-defined safe state in the event of communication failure.

In Modbus modes, exception reporting can alert to problems with connected devices.

Communications failure alarm configures the first D/O as a COM failure alert.

Inverter outputs allow flexibility in logic to control output devices.

With Zlinx series radio modems, I/O products and the enhanced software, users can set up connections to serial or Modbus systems to monitor and control remote I/O at hard-to-reach locations without running wire.

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