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Greenpeak has announced the launch of a robust and reliable wireless radio technology for home remote control devices based on RF (radio frequency).

Contrary to traditional IR based remote controls, RF remote controls provide two-way, high-speed communication and do not require line of sight as the signal goes through walls and floors.

Greenpeak has developed a set of reference designs for these RF remote controls (2.4GHz, IEEE 802.15.4 compliant) and RF modules for integration into hosts such as TVs, DVDs and set-top boxes.

These reference designs are based on Greenpeak’s Emerald GP500C communication controller, with dedicated features for the consumer electronics and remote control market.

Greenpeak said that its technology enables reliable communication owing to a superior radio with antenna diversity, frequency agility and delay spread handling, resulting in robust communication and excellent range.

It also enables the designer to develop an ultra-low power RF system with a longer battery life.

RF remote controls equipped with Greenpeak’s communication controller can be made maintenance free; a single watch-type battery can outlast the lifetime of the remote.

Remote controls designed with Greenpeak’s communication controller are based on the IEEE 802.15.4 industry standard for multiple devices control.

Greenpeak’s remote control also includes IR as secondary use for legacy systems.

This allows the use of a single universal remote control for both IR and RF devices.

The reference designs will be delivered with a protocol stack of less than 4KB.

Additionally, the reference designs are based on a single-layer low-cost PCB with integrated antennas.

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