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Greenstar UK has started work on four contracts to process at least 70,000 tonnes of recyclables annually, a figure that could rise to nearly 120,000 tonnes a year.

Greenstar won the processing contracts from the North London Waste Authority (NLWA), Enfield Council, Coventry City Council and the waste disposal contractor servicing Hull City Council.

Under the NLWA contract, which runs until December 2014, Greenstar will sort at least 20,000 tonnes of recyclables a year, possibly rising to 40,000 tonnes.

The recyclables, from collections made by several North London councils, are tipped at Greenstar’s Atlas facility at Edmonton before being sent for processing at its Aldridge ‘super MRF’ in the West Midlands.

Once Atlas is fitted out as an MRF, the recyclables will be processed there for resale.

As part of its initial four-year contract with Greenstar, Enfield Council is sending its recyclable collections to Atlas for bulking and onward transport to Aldridge for processing.

Enfield’s recycling tonnage is expected to be around 16,000 tonnes annually.

Under a four-year contract, Coventry City Council has started sending its recyclables to Aldridge for processing and sale to reprocessors and manufacturers.

Around 17,000 tonnes of dry materials, such as paper, cardboard and metal, plastic and glass containers, are expected to be processed in the first year, possibly rising to 35,000 tonnes annually.

WRG has signed with Greenstar to process recyclables collected from a single-stream commingled scheme being implemented for Hull City Council.

The 30-month contract is based on a minimum of 18,000 tonnes per annum, but could rise to up to 25,000 tonnes annually.

Recyclables will be bulk delivered to Aldridge and, if the scheme proves successful, it may be adopted by the neighbouring East Riding Council.

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