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Greycon has announced the release of Greycon Product Suite version 6.9, offering modules and enhancements for all products within the suite, including X-Trim, D-Opt and S-Plan.

The suite includes S-Plan Quota Management, allowing the reservation (and gradual release) of production capacity for different market segments.

Certain algorithms within the product have been improved by a factor of 7.9x on a four-core processor, using multi-threaded parallelisation technology.

The speed gains are greatest for larger problems.

X-Trim Direct Stock Application allows the user to apply inventory reels that exactly match the orders.

X-Trim 6.9 can model situations where, after a coating/extruding step, there is a rewinding step.

Other improvements include a monthly calendar view in D-Opt, limit count orders, improved visibility of position constraints and additional sample data for training and testing.

In accordance with Greycon’s continuous improvement approach, release 6.9 includes 81 enhancements and more than 850 bug fixes.

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