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Griffith Elder, a provider of industrial weighing equipment, has introduced a range of portable weigh beams into its product portfolio.

This product is said to enable industrial vehicles to monitor their load quickly and accurately at any given location.

David Elder, managing director of Griffith Elder, said: ‘The previous model [the Tontel full-size portable weighbridge] was a full-plate weighbridge, making it heavy and cumbersome to move.

‘The new weigh beams are lighter and easier to install; just drop them into place and they are ready to use,’ he added.

The 5.8m beams are currently on site by a Dublin bypass, enabling HGVs and LGVs to manage their load aggregate.

The weigh beams are said to be particularly effective where compliance with legislation is a high motivation.

Waste management and recycling has also become a primary industry for monitoring weight.

The beams have proved useful for weighing recycled materials where there is a necessity to move waste from one site to another.

They use Griffith Elder’s Split-Weigh digital system, ensuring that maximum accuracy is guaranteed at all times.

Elder said: ‘We did extensive tests at a road stone quarry in Australia on truck and dog vehicles with our Split-Weigh truck scale.

‘The difference in accuracy between the Split-Weigh system and using a full-size weighbridge was negligible,’ he added.

The weigh beams deploy the same Split-Weigh mechanism in a portable weighbridge, providing an option for accurate weighing to suit all types of vehicle.

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