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Broadbent Stanley has produced a rubber-roll variant of the Yorky Type O grinder, designated the Yorky Type R, which is a high-precision CNC grinding machine for the rubber-roll industry.

The machine handles rolls up to 2000mm long and 1244mm in diameter and caters for both solid and hollow section weighing up to 3000kg between centres.

It shares the same design as the Type O oilfield grinder, featuring a fixed table and headstock, with a ballscrew-driven wheelhead mounted in maintenance-free, frictionless linear rails traversing in the X and Z axes.

The heavy duty tailstock has a powered quill and the facility for both morse taper adapters and special hub mounts, subject to the roll being machined.

The machine utilises a fabricated base, offering high levels of stability and enhanced thermal protection.

Fanuc is used throughout, with operation by the Oi-TC controller and high-performance, high-torque A/C motors and drivers, which control both wheel and work heads along with X and Z axes.

The controller is said to be simple to programme and comes complete with a large selection of dedicated grinding cycles, ranging from parallel to complex concave, convex and taper shapes.

It incorporates grooving cycles, with all types of diamond, herringbone and chevron patterns available as standard.

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