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The Valugrind high-precision grinder from Mate Precision Tooling designed to allow fabricators precisely regrind punches and dies to maintain optimum condition for high-quality parts production.

Available for either thick-turret or Trumpf-style tooling, Valugrind comes completely fixtured.

The grinder is the preferred system to use with Mate tooling, including extra-large 165mm-diameter diamond grinding wheel for optimal punch and die finish.

It is said to ensure superior surface flatness compared with standard 125mm CBN and ceramic grinding wheels.

An inner wheel cooling system places coolant directly where it is needed reducing excessive build-up that could damage the tooling.

A 1,050W motor delivers 4,050rev/min for a high-speed, precise surface finish.

Grind-depth control is easily set in 0.02mm increments for a precise finish to avoid over-grinding.

A compact, portable tabletop design (820 x 520 x 675mm) makes Valugrind easy to operate where space is limited.

It handles all of Mate’s thick-turret tooling styles including: original, AMX, MT, MTG, MTG Long, MXC, Ultra and all A through E station sizes.

It also handles equivalent-sized competitor thick-turret tooling.

Valugrind handles all of Mate’s Size 1 and Size 2 Trumpf-style tooling products, including Next, Quicklock and Multi-Tool tooling.

It also handles equivalent-sized competitor Trumpf-style tooling.

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