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Koerber Schleifring UK has enhanced its range of Walter Helitronic Power and Vision CNC tool grinders with a high-speed, high-frequency spindle, automated work table and more.

Designed especially to meet the demands of grinding tools with brazed inserts, such as PCD tooling, in a single setup, the high-speed spindle is ideally suited to grinding pockets for PCD inserts and applications using small grinding wheels.

The automated worktable is provided in different variants to offer users added flexibility in production, and can be combined with steady rest/tailstock systems to suit the task in hand: as a manual slide; as an automatic (CNC-controlled) slide; as two manual slides; and as a manual and an automatic (CNC-controlled) slide.

The travelling steady rest designed for production of long tools can also be used in conjunction with an automatic loading system.

On the software side, the latest version of the Walter Helitronic Tool Studio system now offers further plug-in options for enhanced speed and accuracy of tool production and re-sharpening.

For example, the Feedrate Optimiser capitalises on Tool Studio’s intricate knowledge of grinding moves and wheel model as well as tool simulation to calculate instantaneous grinding wheel and machine spindle loads, to precisely set optimum feed rates.

At every point, the feed rates are set using user-specified wheel load and actual wheel load – low wheel-load actions are therefore made faster and, importantly, moves that exceed desired wheel loads are slowed down.

In some cases, especially with complicated tools, time savings of 40 per cent or more are possible.

Tool Studio’s Tool Balancer functionality eliminates the headache often encountered when high-speed machining with asymmetric tools such as unequally indexed end mills.

The resulting unbalanced force can, for example, lead to chatter vibrations, gouging, loss of part accuracy and uneven tool wear plus, of course, excessive load on machine bearings.

Balanced tools have longer life, produce better quality surfaces and reduce wear on their ‘parent’ machines.

Tool Balancer analyses the mass of the tool and applies an automatic balancing.

The Helitronic operator chooses his own balancing strategy – for example, lengthening the flute or deepening the core of selected teeth to balance the tool, without compromising the original cutting geometries, including unequal indexing/helix.

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