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Holroyd Precision’s Zenith helical grinding machine is able to grind using aluminium oxide, electro-plated CBN and vitrified CBN and is suitable for use in research and development, mass-production applications and the manufacture of spur gears.

The Zenith machine has a grinding capacity of up to 420mm in diameter and can use tooling from users’ existing grinding machines.

It features a development and production software suite that includes a ’wizard’ to guide unfamiliar operators through the CNC programming.

Additionally ’dresser touch detection’ allows the machine to locate the position and profile of the griding wheel, and the simultaneous probing of both journals measures the run-out of the blank before grinding.

Key product features

  • Operator-free coolant application
  • Inductive flute-finding probe
  • Power-assisted doors
  • Mist extraction
  • Warm up cycle mode provides thermal stability
  • Auxiliary units (for example, chiller system) are under central control
  • Directly mounted backlash-free torque motor
  • Automatic vitrified wheel-balancing
  • Radio frequency identification chips
  • Pieces are automatically loaded and extracted
  • Guideways manufactured from a single-piece iron casting
  • When disassembled, the machine and coolant filtration system can be packed into 40ft shipping containers
  • A two-wheel arbour with wheel slide allows two non-dressable grinding wheels to be mounted simultaneously
  • Spindle offers 6,200RPM capability
  • When required the twin-wheel dresser can cater for all types of dressable wheel
  • Live spindle drum rotation axis enables the grinding of components with zero lead angle
  • Drum-mounted probe

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