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GRSI has introduced the Fasttrak 3.0 warehouse execution suite (WES) for automating, integrating, planning and controlling warehouse activities from receiving to shipping.

Automated equipment and manual operations are coordinated to optimise accuracy, efficiency, throughput and resource utilisation, according to the company.

The newly released Fasttrak version 3.0 WES integrates full-function, wall-to-wall warehouse inventory management capabilities into the core product.

The Fasttrak software is composed of four modules that work together in various combinations.

The modules include a host interface (HI), a warehouse control system (WCS), an order management system (OMS) and a packaging integration (PI) system.

HI facilitates communication between the Fasttrak WES and the enterprise software (ERP) or a warehouse management system (WMS).

GRSI claims that the HI is a single-point connection that simplifies design, is fast and lends itself to better support.

WCS coordinates, controls, automates and monitors material-handling equipment and fulfilment methods.

This includes support for conveyor sorting and routing; automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RSs); print and apply; in-motion manifesting; wireless, voice and laser picking; pick-/put-to-light; and radio-frequency identification.

OMS organises orders for efficient and accurate picking by combining both operator- and automation-based fulfilment methods.

Features such as waving, batching and cartonisation are standard mechanisms used to optimise fulfilment processing.

OMS offers a full range of inventory management tools to control put-away, storage and pick location replenishment.

PI automates packaging operations, such as automated packaging, literature and pack list insertion, sealing, weighing, labelling and in-motion manifesting.

This moulds all last-100-feet (L1F) operations into a single unified process.

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