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Gruebb has provided samples of its hot-forging product, Zieforge HT38, to an automotive client after it experienced problems when forging complex small components.

The client forges small components made of carbon and maraging steels at 850C to 1,200C and found that the parts were sticking and welding to the dies.

Given that tolerances of +/- 0.025mm are required, any defect was serious.

In consultation with the client, Gruebb supplied Zieforge HT38 – a concentrated graphite product with a typical particle size of 3.5 micron, dilutable with water.

This cured the problems with the added benefit that light cleaning left residual graphite on the components that provided enough lubrication for the next manufacturing step, making the normal process of coating the components with PTFE unnecessary.

Ramonol Advanced grease is highly resistant to water washout and has excellent corrosion inhibition properties, according to Gruebb.

It contains a solid lubricant to ensure parts are separated when unused for some time and is excellent at protecting cables, added the company.

Originally developed for the marine market, application for Ramonol has expanded from around the world racing yachts, to wire ropes lubrication on oil rigs, subsea oil well control systems, commercial lawn mowers and recently, competitive motorcross.

The lubricant is coloured white so that it can be seen in a water environment and at a distance.

In addition, the company said that a manufacturer of aluminium components for window frames has found success using Gruebb AL101 at 10:1 dilution.

Parts appear bright and cleanly drawn.

Forming is precise and punching leaves clean smooth holes.

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