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Grundfos Alldos is offering the Oxiperm Pro OCD-162-30 and -60 chlorine dioxide production systems for water disinfection.

The units, with production capacities of 30 and 60g of chlorine dioxide per hour, are able to treat up to 75 and 150m3 water per hour respectively, with a dosing rate of 0.4g/m3.

Chlorine dioxide can be added in two ways: either proportional to the water flow or depending on the measured residual.

Chlorine dioxide is produced on demand using the sodium chlorite/hydrochloric acid procedure that works with diluted solutions.

The compact Oxiperm Pro system can be installed in confined areas, because operation and maintenance tasks are performed exclusively on the front side.

A chlorine dioxide measurement amplifier is integrated in the system control, which enables retrofitting of a chlorine dioxide control unit.

A range of additional accessories simplifies assembly and start-up, with the option of connecting an external batch tank.

The control system provides straightforward and user-friendly operation.

Ideal application areas for Oxiperm Pro systems are drinking water treatment or disinfection of process water in the food and beverage industry.

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