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Grundon Waste Management has reduced its vehicle emissions by up to 40 per cent across a cross-section of its waste collection fleet by installing the HRN3 hydrogen generator from H2gogo.

The HRN3 hydrogen generator can be retrofitted to any petrol or diesel engine.

It produces hydrogen on demand to allow a more efficient fuel burn, resulting in reduced emissions and improved engine efficiency and power output, H2gogo said.

The units were fitted to three of Grundon’s vehicle fleet, including a trade-waste collection vehicle with automatic transmission, a Rolonof truck featuring a different engine and manual transmission, as well as a tractor unit with automated manual transmission pulling a powder tank of up to 44 tonnes.

The units were all trialled under typical operational conditions over a six-week period.

Throughout the trial period, the vehicles achieved a reduction in CO2, HC and NOx emissions of up to 40 per cent.

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