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Global Sensor Technology (GST) is offering a range of vibration sensors suitable for all types of displacement, velocity and acceleration measurement.

Displacement and proximity sensors are all eddy-current devices with operating ranges of 1mm to 25mm, and all are supplied with high-performance pre-amplifiers.

GST supplies moving coil (magnetoelectric) sensors for ultra-low-frequency velocity measurement, in addition to standard piezoelectric velocity transducers for more routine applications. Piezoelectric velocity transducers employ built-in precision integrating circuits to derive velocity from acceleration.

The company’s range of acceleration transducers includes uni-directional and tri-axial piezoelectric devices for general-purpose vibration and shock measurement, capacitance accelerometers for measurement down to DC, calibration accelerometers, wireless acceleration nodes and combination sensors. Accelerometers are supplied to meet the extremes of vibration measurement needs, be it ultra-low frequency, high shock (up to 50,000g), extreme temperature (up to 500°C), high sensitivity or high stability.

Also available from GST

  • Accessories
  • Amplifiers
  • Signal conditioners
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Analysis software packages

Global Sensor Technology

Global Sensor Technology (GST) is Europe’s most comprehensive specialist dynamic measurement supplier, based in the UK. We can supply from a large range of high-quality ISO9001-certified sensors and systems particularly in the fields of transducers, signal conditioners, amplifiers, data acquisition systems and analytical software, all at highly competitive prices.

GST also specialises in tailor-made sensors and measurement systems, designed, developed and calibrated in conjunction with customers to meet their precise needs. With customers all over the world, we have an unrivalled reputation for the quality and value for money of our products and for the emphasis that we place upon providing the very best technical advice and after-sales support.

For sales, enquiries and technical advice, please contact our office in Manchester. All current product information, prices and availability can be found in our online product catalogue. We can deliver rapidly, in quantities from a single-unit to many hundreds, to anywhere in the world with substantial discounts for volume orders.

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