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A guide to specifying flexible conduit systems for the rail industry has been launched by Adaptaflex.

This detailed 24-page guide features technical data from hazardous categories through to electromagnetic screening and fire standards.

In its approach to the rail industry, the guide covers the protection of critical power and data cabling, setting out the implications for high-speed and express trains; commuter and regional intercity; light rail and tram; and metro, including underground applications.

It highlights the use of non-metallic and metallic systems on all types of train and light-rail applications, along with infrastructure usage within stations, trackside, control centres, tunnels and areas such as car parks.

The guide also details specific train applications on bogies and carriages.

It provides recommendations on product selection and usage and the many factors that have to be taken into account when specifying the product usage in the rail industry.

Dealing with the reduction of fire hazards in rail applications, the guide highlights the various standards, testing requirements and the three criteria that all true LFH products must meet.

Vibration testing and ingress protection are also covered, as are mechanical and environmental properties.

The guide provides an overview of the many standards relating to rail usage and how to meet specific country requirements.

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