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A quick-reference guide from Bal Seal Engineering provides information on the benefits of using springs to conduct high-, medium- and low-current in power transmission and distribution equipment.

Using a force-deflection comparison chart and clear application illustrations, the five-page ‘SM-6’ guide describes how a simple electrical contact, fashioned from a precision-engineered Canted-coil spring, can offer higher current density and improve overall equipment performance.

The guide can be downloaded for free from the company’s online technical library.

The Canted-coil spring, a current-carrying solution already at work in critical power applications worldwide, is available in a broad range of coil heights and materials.

Its design enables it to maintain an almost constant force over a broad compression range, compensating for large mating tolerances and temperature changes without significant deviation from its initial force.

Each coil in the spring works independently, maintaining contact with the mating surface and ensuring maximum conductivity.

Typical uses for the spring include busbar connections, gas-insulated switchgear contacts, circuit breakers and industrial fuse boxes.

The versatile component also functions as an EMI shielding/grounding element.

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