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Guill Tool and Engineering has been providing the US Navy with sub-safe level one nuclear and non-nuclear components, as well as tooling systems for the medical extrusion industrial marketplace.

With several flow analysis software packages, Guill’s engineers can determine the analysis and calculations for fluid flow, pressure drop and heat transfer for all types of materials.

The company can manufacture precision for extrusion heads with tolerances as close as 0.0002in and multi-layer heads with up to six layers.

This capability provides a host of advanced solutions and is available for marine/navy applications.

‘Our new on-site technology enables us to offer advanced engineering along with precision manufacturing for our complete line of ISO 9001-certified components, including bushings, elbows, assemblies, valves, and so on,’ said Steve Larson, manufacturing director for the Guill Navy Division of Guill Tool and Engineering.

To support the advanced software, Guill Tool and Engineering has an on-site precision machine shop that consists of four and five-axis CNC milling machines, CNC turning machines, CNC lathes, EDM wire, EDM hole poppers (with the capability to pop holes of 0.008in diameter), precision grinding machines, welding and a complete in-house inspection department.

Guill’s machine shop is capable of manufacturing prototypes and large blanket production orders.

Its quality control system and operating procedures have been approved by US Naval shipyards, defence contractors and government agencies.

Guill Tool and Engineering

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