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Guyson has supplied a mono-solvent ultrasonic cleaning system to a connectors manufacturer, enabling it to undertake a range of ‘in process’ cleaning routines on connectors and interconnects.

The Kerry Microsolve M250/2M cleaning system was installed as a pre-emptive action to remove any prospective quality issues.

‘With this system we can put a varied mix of components through the cleaning process and we know the components are clean of any slight trace residue of flux, grease or other contaminants,’ said Dan Wilson, the company’s quality manager.

The PLC-controlled cleaning process has two stages.

The stainless-steel-mesh component baskets are first lowered into unit one by an Autotrans single-axis transporter.

This is designed to provide a controlled lift of the parts to be cleaned in and out of the cleaning tanks with the minimum of disturbance of the solvent vapour, thereby minimising solvent losses and high concentrations of vapour emissions, cutting any occupational exposure limits for operators.

Ultrasonic cleaning is carried out in the stage-one tank, which is fitted with base-mounted ultrasonic transducers powered by a Pulsatron series 300 generator operating at 38kHz.

Stage one also has electric solution heating with electronic temperature control, digital indication and a pumping and filtration system.

The second stage is electrically heated, allowing the solvent to boil.

The resulting vapour rinses the components, which are then dried by a dwell in the freeboard zone.

The solvent vapours are condensed by the primary reflux cooling coils and collected in the integral distillate trough.

The solvent then passes through a dual-purpose gravity or molecular sieve-type water separator and returns to the stage-one ultrasonic tank, displacing contaminated solvent into the boiling sump.

Distillation, together with filtration of the solvent, ensures that the ultrasonic tank is maintained at a controlled level of cleanliness.

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