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GYS has introduced the GYSMI 253 CEL, a 400V three-phase 250A MMA/TIG portable welding inverter that is suitable for use in boiler making, pipework and general-purpose heavy-duty welding applications.

The GYSMI 253 CEL can weld using a very wide power supply source ranging from 340V-460V, even when used with long power supply cables.

It is rated 250A at 100 per cent duty cycle and with a Uocv Start Voltage of 100V it is highly capable of welding cellulosic welding electrodes ranging from 1.6-5mm in diameter in addition to welding mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminium.

In the MMA mode, in addition to an adjustable arc force producing good penetration and giving an anti-stick function, it also features an adjustable ‘Hot Start’ function incorporating ‘Low Hot Start’ for welding thin gauge materials, and a ‘High Hot Start’ for welding materials with dirt ingression or that include oxidised parts.

The GYSMI 253 CEL also features a robust and splash proof (IP23) casing.

It can be used to weld most materials using the TIG welding mode with the exception of aluminium and alloy materials.

In the TIG welding mode, the GYSMI 253 CEL features easy starting using the TIG Lift Arc function, preventing tungsten inclusions and radio electrical disturbance.

Other features include automatic and adjustable ‘Arc Down’ slope, which makes for a good smooth weld finish with no crater, while the automatic torch release after welding is easy.

This machine has anti-dust ventilation from the back to the front of the unit in order to minimise dust ingression into the machine’s electronic components.

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