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Laser Components is offering a range of beam-guiding systems from Haas that provide comfortable ‘wrapping’ of the optical components in moveable laser systems. Made of anodised aluminium, the massive housings ensure the stability and precision required in industrial environments.

Moveable laser systems are used to perform many industrial material processing operations and it is important to reliably secure and protect the integrated optical components to prolong the life of these systems.

Different components are available depending on the direction of the laser beam.

In depth

Change of direction

  • Kinematic beam benders are recommended if the laser beam has to change direction. These components hold the bending mirror distortion-free to redirect the laser beam at a certain angle, generally a 90° angle
  • The optics can be removed from the mount and re-mounted again easily without affecting the adjustment of the mirrors to enable easy cleaning. The bending units are available for mirrors from 1in to 4in

Splitting or combining beams

  • Beam splitting units make it possible to split the beam into two parts
  • The incoming beam is split into two partial beams inside the unit with the help of a beam splitter optic. One part of the beam is reflected at a 90° angle, and the other part is transmitted
  • This allows two different beam paths to be used simultaneously. The beam splitting unit can also be used to combine two laser beams. They are available for optics from 1in to 3in

Beam switches for time sharing

  • Beam switches are used for ‘time sharing’ the same laser beam between two or more processing systems
  • Beam switches contain precisely mounted bending units that direct the beam in different directions with the help of mirrors, either pneumatically or manually
  • This allows one laser beam to be used for different processes at different points in time
  • Beam switches are available for mirrors from 1in to 3in

Quality and characteristics of the components

  • By adjusting the screws, all components can be precisely and independently adjusted by ±2°
  • The housings can be face and side mounted using the existing threads and bore holes
  • Technical drawings are available
  • Standard components are suitable for maximum laser power of up to 500W
  • An optional water cooling system is available for high-power lasers
  • Laser mirrors or beam splitters are produced using special materials with high-reflective coatings dependent on the laser wavelength and power levels

Laser Components

The Laser Components Group was formed in 1986 and is located at six locations in Germany, France, UK, Canada and USA, employing more than 120 people worldwide. In-house production accounts for approximately half its turnover, with partner suppliers accounting for all other business.

Laser Components manufactures and supplies components, OEM modules, sources, optics and detectors, spanning the UV to the FIR. 

Products include:  

  • Photodiodes, including avalanche photodiodes, position sensitive detectors and PIN diodes
  • IR components, including IR detectors, IR emitters and optical components for IR
  • Single photon-counting modules, including accessories and silicon avalanche photodiodes for photon counting
  • Lasers, including laser diodes, laser modules and emitters for telecommunication
  • Measurement devices, including amplifiers, laser power detectors, and measurement instruments
  • Fibre optics, including optical fibres, assembled fibres, active and passive components and accessories
  • Optics, including laser optics, optical filters, optomechanical components, optical components and polarisers
  • Laser accessories, including laser safety products and spare parts and accessories
  • E-beam (physical vapour deposition) ion-assisted deposition and sputtering coating capabilities to the standard catalogue or customer-specific specifications.  

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