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Haas Automation has designed and redesigned a number of new and improved machines for 2010.

The latest Haas VF models benefit from enhanced motion control to ensure smooth, precise motion control.

The new Haas vertical machining centres (VMCs) use next-generation digital servomotors and high-resolution encoders on all axes.

Combined with software and motor-control advancements, the machines give even better surface-finish performance and higher accelerations.

Haas has redesigned the chip pans and reviewed the coolant flow of the new VMCs to reduce chip build-up and efficiently flush chips into the auger trough for removal.

For high-volume-production applications, the VF-1 through VF-6 VMCs are available with optional chip-removal systems that combine multiple side augers with either a front discharge auger or belt-type conveyor, to move chips out of the machines faster.

To prevent chip and coolant egress during machining, the new VF machines feature optimised enclosures, providing better panel fit, easier maintenance access and the simpler internal routing of plumbing and cables.

The result is a better enclosure and a simpler overall design that contains chips and coolant, while increasing reliability and simplifying service, according to the company.

The new VF machines have also been given a contemporary redesign, as well as better fit, feel and ergonomics, to make operation easier and more efficient.

The 2010 ST-series Haas turning centres has also been enhanced and include: a redesigned base casting, which increases rigidity and improves chip and coolant flow.; a compact, symmetrical spindle head, which increases rigidity and improves thermal stability; a redesigned tailstock with shorter geometry to improve cutting performance; an optional automatic tool probe with an interface, simplifying tool setup, which can be programmed to check for tool breakage during unattended operation; and a redesigned live tooling option, which is gear driven for efficient power transmission and continuous maximum torque.

The Haas DT-1 is a high-speed drill and tap machine with full CNC milling capabilities.

It has a 508 x 406 x 394mm work area and a 660 x 381mm T-slot table.

A 30-taper spindle provides 15,000rev/min and allows tapping at speeds of up to 5,000rev/min.

The DT-1 also comes with a high-speed 20-pocket tool changer and rapids of 61m/min on all axes.

With high acceleration and deceleration rates, cycle times are kept short and non-cutting time is reduced.

The DT-1 is described as an all-round CNC machine tool for the busy general-machining workshop.

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