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Hach Lange will demonstrate a range of technologies for monitoring raw water, process water and wastewater at the upcoming Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring (WWEM) event.

According to the company, which will be found on stands 93 and 94, experts will be available to discuss the efficiency and cost savings that can be achieved with the new wastewater treatment optimisation system (WTOS).

Information on the new Hach Biotector total organic compound (TOC) analysers will also be available on the stands.

These instruments are said to provide maximum uptime and reliability thanks to a patented self-cleaning oxidation technology that handles difficult samples and reduces maintenance.

Unlike traditional TOC analysers, the Biotector eliminates the build-up of salts, particulates, fats, oils and greases that can lead to drift and high maintenance.

Visitors from manufacturing and processing industries will be able to see the new Orbisphere 3100 portable DO analyser that employs optical technology to deliver high levels of accuracy and reliability with a substantially reduced requirement for maintenance and calibration.

WWEM 2010 visitors involved in laboratory or field testing will have the opportunity to handle the latest versions of the company’s range of electrochemistry instruments.

These include the digital handheld intelligent HQD meters, the new H-Series meters with rugged probe options, the probeless MP meters and the Sension+ field and bench-top analysis kits.

The company will run two workshops during WWEM.

The first is entitled ‘Water Treatment Optimisation Solutions – Saving operational expenditures and optimising plant processes’ and the second is called ‘ Biotector – a different approach to online TOC analysis’.

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