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LKAB in Kiruna, Sweden, has selected Hagglunds hydraulic drives to power its belt conveyor handling loads ranging from 0 to 9,000 tonnes per hour.

LKAB has built a new dressing and pellet plant with an improved outward transport system and capacity-raising solutions.

A 1.8km outward conveyor will initially serve the newly built KK4 pellet plant.

The conveyor is designed so that it can also be connected to the existing pellet and dressing plants.

‘Modifying KK4 and integrating it into the existing railway structure for outward transport would have been costly and complicated,’ said project manager Jan Lundgren at LKAB.

‘It would have required six months of temporary solutions with high risk of operational standstills in our existing facilities.

‘We couldn’t afford that risk.

‘The new structure will give us an efficient means of transporting the increasingly large volumes of goods to the port in Narvik.

‘We’ll be able to use longer trains and make more frequent trips.’ The outward conveyor slopes first downwards, then six degrees upwards.

These operating conditions, combined with the need to make frequent starts and stops, requires a conveyor that can be operated smoothly throughout the speed range to prevent the pellets from rolling back, thereby improving production.

The drive must be powerful enough to start the heavily loaded conveyor into motion from stationary to maximum speed in all conditions.

This requires high torque from zero speed and high power capacity with advanced speed control.

‘With a Hagglunds hydraulic drive, we’ll be able to operate the conveyor with loads ranging from 0 to 9,000 tonnes per hour,’ said Kurt Hansson at Proing, LKAB’s consultant in Kiruna.

‘We’ll get a flexible conveyor system that can be stopped and started frequently without the pellets rolling around.’ Several of the other suppliers balked at LKAB’S requirements.

‘We needed a conveyor that was capable of slowing down from 2.7 to 0m/s,’ added Hansson.

‘None of the electricity providers could meet this requirement.

‘With Hagglunds’s drives, we can handle an unlimited number of starts and stops and control the conveyor flexibly.’ High reliability is also vital as the outward conveyor affects the whole production line and transports a highly refined and expensive product.

‘Hydraulic drives seemed the most reliable option, as they provide full torque whatever the load,’ said Lundgren.

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