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Hagglunds has supplied a variable speed drive system for a belt conveyor designed to increase the capacity of a power plant in Tilbury, UK.

The improvements at Tilbury were made to enable the jetty to handle the larger Panamax-sized vessels (vessels of the maximum dimensions that will fit through the locks of the Panama Canal).

The enhancements included a 3,000 tonnes per hour belt conveyor that is transporting coal from two ship unloaders into the existing coal storage system.

Amco Birtley, the specialist bulk handling division of Amalgamated Construction, chose Hagglunds to provide the variable speed drive system for this belt conveyor.

The system includes a direct drive compact motor that mounts directly on the conveyor head shaft, as well as a power unit positioned close by, connected via flexible hoses to the drive motor.

Alan Wootton of Amco Birtley said: ‘We had a requirement for a variable speed drive that would be capable of accelerating the conveyor from rest under the most extreme of loading scenarios.

‘The layout of the existing plant meant space was very limited.

‘The Hagglunds hydraulic drive offered an ideal solution.

‘The compact nature of the motor and the constant torque characteristic offered great benefits over the more traditional electrical drive arrangements,’ he added.

By showing other references, Hagglunds could demonstrate the reliability of its drive systems.

During the jetty improvements the ship unloaders were also modified by the original manufacturers, Noell Konecranes.

The mechanical and electrical works were undertaken by Amco Birtley.

The main contractor for the project was Volkerstevin.

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