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Hainbuch’s Toplus chuck has a hexagonal core made of cast resin, which makes it lighter than steel chucks and means it has a much lower inertia.

The resin also has a positive dampening effect, which is useful when hard turning as it prevents component ringing.

Instead of the supporting taper in a normal chuck body, the principle of the Toplus is based on six angled steel plates, which are cast in the resin to form the chuck taper.

To match this, the clamping head also has six flat outer surfaces, which mate exactly with the surfaces of the chuck.

So it does not matter if the chuck is open or closed, the clamping taper is completely sealed.

Because of the reduced surface pressure and the full surface contact of the clamping segments, the radial clamping force of Toplus is a full 25 per cent higher than other chucks, claims Hainbuch.

In addition, the clamping range is larger and therefore better suited for raw materials, cast and forged parts.

Lubrication is through a single grease nipple but can also be provided automatically through a machine M code.

Because the chuck is sealed it is also useful in dry machining situations.

This design can also be used in conjunction with Mando adapt for fast and easy changeover to inside clamping using mandrels.

The Hainbuch jaw adapter can also be fitted to provide a flexible modular workholding system.

Stationary and manual versions of the chuck are also available.

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