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Icom has introduced a range of low-cost, entry-level hand-portable radios, suitable for outdoor applications and for use in high-turnover environments and shift work.

The series, divided into the IC-F3002 (16 channel) for very high frequency (VHF) and the IC-F4002 (16 channel) for ultra-high frequency (UHF), provides simple operation, high performance and a strong commercial build at a low cost, according to the company.

There are three main controls: a transmit button, a volume control and a channel selector.

There are also two further programmable buttons down the side and simple interface.

These compact models have been tested to 11 categories of environmental military standards for dust protection and water resistance.

The IC-F3002 series features efficient circuitry, which is said to reduce battery consumption, providing up to 20 hours of operating time with the supplied BP-265 2000mAh lithium-ion battery pack.

A rapid charger is included in the pack to complement the high-capacity battery.

The IC-F3002 series includes several safety features, such as a loan-worker function.

If the IC-F3002 is not used for a preset period of time, an emergency signal automatically transmits and alerts co-workers or dispatcher control to any potential trouble.

The IC-F3002 series is claimed to feature excellent audio quality, provided from a built-in amplifier that provides 800mW audio output from the 45mm speaker.

This model can deliver loud and intelligible audio even in extremely noisy environments, such as a busy shop floor or a construction site.

The IC-F3002 series contains many standard features, allowing it to fit in with existing systems, including built-in 5-Tone encoder/decoder, CTCSS/DTCS capabilities, DTMF autodial and priority scan.

This series also has a VOX function, giving the user the capability of hands-free operation.

According to Ian Lockyer, marketing manager at Icom, the IC-F3002 series is ideal for large and small businesses, including construction, retail, warehouse, hospitality and education.

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