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REO (UK) has introduced a 184-page handbook called ‘Good EMC Engineering Practices in the Design and Construction of Fixed Installation’.

Normally sold for GBP10, it is available free to the first 25 people that sign up as members online in the ‘Members Area’.

To receive a free copy, customers must email in their membership number (issued on signing up) and mailing address.

Electronic PDF versions can be downloaded free of charge by all current members.

The company’s new handbook provides information relating to EMC considerations.

In its 12 chapters, it covers compliance, relevant EU directives and standards, good practices, EM mitigation techniques, maintaining EM performance over operational lifecycles and electronic warfare.

It is illustrated throughout and there is a reference section for wider reading and additional information sourcing.

For those that sign up to membership via the REO website, there are a number of benefits, according to the company.

Free of charge, members have access to problem-solving resources to help them overcome everyday EMC problems and power quality issues.

Steve Hughes, managing director, said: ‘The purpose for having this feature on our website is to extend the support service we offer to all our customers [existing and potential] who design, produce, supply and install electrical/electronic equipment.

‘Assistance is provided at three levels.

‘There is the quick-fix level that draws upon information gathered for constantly occurring and relatively simple-to-fix problems.

‘Then there is the self-help level, which comprises a series of free guides containing lots of information on best EMC practices, testing, standards and solutions.

‘At the top level, there is free assessment of a problem by a consultant, which could be followed up by a full consultancy at discounted rates,’ he added.

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