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Powder handling systems from Hanningfield provide a method of transferring and charging powder to downstream processes in an entirely dust-free manner.

These fully contained automation solutions offer three benefits: excellent productivity, increased efficiency and an improved working environment.

These advantages can be better explained using the example of feeding a tablet press, according to the company.

First, excellent productivity is achieved through the automated nature of a powder handling system.

If a tablet press is fed by vacuum conveyor, it can keep pace with batch requirements – anything up to 4,000kg/hr (8,800lb).

Hanningfield claims that this will far exceed a hand-feed alternative and will also offer greater consistency in delivery.

It will also offer productivity advantages over gravity-feed from an IBC, as the cycle can be continuous, as there is no need to change the docked bin; instead, the user can choose another feed source instead.

The introduction of a powder handling system will reduce reliance on manual feed or the need for time-consuming bin switching.

There is also a saving on powder when compared with hand feeding, as powder is transferred in a fully contained manner, eliminating the loss of powder to the atmosphere.

Thanks to the dust-free nature of the powder handling system, powder will be prevented from entering the atmosphere.

This clean air will benefit the operators, as hazardous chemicals will not be inhaled.

It also minimises the risk of explosion, as settled dust can ignite with very little encouragement.

Powder handling systems can improve a process by helping the operator to take control.

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