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Toshiba Storage Device Division (SDD) has launched temperature-enhanced 2.5in hard disk drives (HDDs) designed to deliver always-on solutions across multiple industrial applications.

The 4,200rev/min Sata MK1060GSCX and the 4,200rev/min 2.5in Pata MK8050GACY models are aimed at ruggedizing computing and industrial use cases requiring 24/7 operations, and applications needing an environmental operating range beyond that of the typical office environment.

The HDDs are ideal for Serial-ATA or Parallel-ATA integration into applications where the dependability of storage technology is critical.

These include kiosks, digital signage, security devices and ATMs.

Their rugged and temperature-resistant design also assists in delivering consistent performance in a variety of industrial environments, including manufacturing and processing plants where devices must operate continuously without the benefit of climate control.

The 100GB MK1060GSCX and the 80GB MK8050GACY HDDs provide a wide temperature range for 24/7, low-duty operation between -15C and +70C (disk enclosure interface).

The MK1060GSCX has an operational altitude range of -300m and 5,650m, while the MK8050GACY has a range of between -300m and 5,500m.

Both drives are also optimised to withstand higher levels of vibration when compared with standard mobile-grade HDD models.

Both HDDs are RoHS compliant and MK1060GSCX is also halogen free.

Toshiba Storage Device Division

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