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A range of permanently bonded, sealed collet heads to suit all types of CNC lathe is now available from Hardinge Machine Tools.

With capacity options of up to 42mm or 65mm, the collet system has versions that are designed to offer an accuracy within 0.010mm TIR and a gripping capability of +0.5mm.

The Hardinge FlexC collet system can be exchanged within 20s and can be mounted on lathes with A2-5, A2-6, A2-8 and 170mm spindles.

The system is available in three styles: ‘A’ pull-back dead-length and ‘D’ pull-back thru-hole, both with accuracies of 0.010m TIR, plus ‘DL’ push-to-close dead-length with an accuracy of 0.20mm TIR.

Collets are suitable for main- and sub-spindle applications and stock items include round-smooth, round-serrated and hexagon forms.

Shapes such as square, stepped hole, off-centre and between size increments can be custom supplied.

The operation of style ‘A’ involves the collet drawing the component against a stationary deadstop to ensure precise control over length positioning.

The deadstop is removable for bar work and short gripping of components can be accommodated by adapting the deadstop to the required dimension.

Style ‘D’ has a pull-back operation with a thru-bore of 42mm or 65mm but is not intended for chucking-type operations.

There is no deadstop.

Meanwhile, collet style ‘DL’ includes a dead-stop to ensure precise length control and enables accurate transfer of parts within 0.012mm from one spindle to another.

Marking or deformation of the workpiece is avoided and the system does not impart any axial stress into the spindle of the machine.

As the ‘DL’ style does not incorporate a collet shank, the collet segments remain parallel and can therefore adapt without loss of accuracy to any variation in the diameter to be clamped.

Parallel clamping has the benefit of minimising ‘push-back’ and requires lower drawbar force to achieve the same level of grip as conventional collets.

The Hardinge FlexC system enables a multitude of part diameters to be accommodated with a single spindle mount and is fully interchangeable with other makes of collet.

As the Hardinge system uses a permanent vulcanising process to bond the various segments into a single-piece unit, it has the elasticity to tolerate repeated opening and closing without becoming brittle.

It is resistant to coolants and prevents the ingress of chips into the mechanism.

In order to speed a collet change, by utilising the Hardinge specialist wrench and inserting its location pins into corresponding holes in the outer face, it can be compressed, enabling quick and simple removal and replacement.

Spindle mount, collet and wrench are each supplied as separate items.

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