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A two- or three-axis collet-ready spindle lathe – with the option of an automatic load/unload gantry with a 10-platen patented modular magazine – is being launched by Hardinge at Mach 2010.

The Hardinge GS51A machine with GS Performance Plus Package and Gantry Part Exchanger has been developed as a compact production cell – taking 3.1 x 1.5m of floor space.

It is available as a ready-to-run operational cell using the Hardinge collet-ready spindle, with a maximum machining diameter of 284 x 456mm turned length.

The 12-station turret can also be upgraded with C-axis positioning and a driven tool option.

Constructed on a single-piece cast-iron base, the machine features the benefits of Hardinge’s CMA (Continuous Machining Accuracy) with a thermal package – incorporating headstock cooling and linear scale positioning within 5um on X- and Z-axis.

The double-gripper, vertical-gantry loading arm interfaces with an external patented 10-platen slant magazine located at the headstock end of the machine, with each platen able to accept multiple parts.

The system has automatic centre-position adjustment for component pickup and deposit after machining.

It takes 9sec to exchange the component with the Hardinge high-rigidity collet system, which maintains the component in close proximity to the spindle-bearing arrangement to maximise the influence on roundness, concentricity and surface finish.

As an option, a three-jaw chuck can be specified.

Rapid traverse rates are 30m/min in X and Z axis.

There are customer-specified options of Fanuc or Siemens control and drives packages with the machine.

The Fanuc 0iTD control and drives provide an 18.5kW spindle motor, giving 5,000rev/min and 210Nm of torque, while the alternative Siemens 828D system delivers 25kW, 5,000rev/min and 205Nm of torque.

A range of options includes bar feed in place of the loading gantry system, giving 100mm maximum machining diameter by 120mm turned length.

Driven tools, a fully programmable tailstock, arm-type fully covered parts-catcher, automatic tool probe, hinge or scraper swarf conveyor and high-pressure 20-bar coolant system are also available.

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