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Chipwrights has announced a hardware development kit based on the CW5631 system-on-chip (SoC), which is used in the design of multimedia applications.

Target applications include: IP cameras; IPTVs; digital video recorders; personal media players; digital signage and video conferencing.

The hardware development kit provides a comprehensive design environment that includes the hardware and software necessary to develop premium audio and visual processing applications, including video I/O, networking, multiple media storage interfaces, and support hardware.

In addition to the development board, components include: a video camera, LCD display, Chipwright’s software development kit, storage cards, infrared remote control, JTAG USB wiggler, documentation and schematics.

The kit is said to be ideal for developers looking to spend less time on product infrastructure and more time on developing their own value-added technology.

The kit supports several flexible interfaces, allowing the emulation of final hardware for rapid development of software before target hardware exists.

Full integration with the SDK enables developers to build embedded audio and video designs on a fully integrated hardware platform that includes software design/debug capability.

Key features include: Sata interface; HDMI transmitter; IR transceiver; digital video input/output connectors; audio codec; IDE interface; USB four-port hub; camera board connector; PLL circuit; Power over Ethernet; board ID EEPROM; alternate LCD interface connector; Wi-fi module connector, Ethernet and USB connections; RS-232 interface; on-board flash for boot code; integrated debugging with the SDK; GPIO pins for design flexibility; and sample applications that provide a baseline for most customer applications.


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