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HardwarePT, a division of SolutionsPT, has announced that it is to run a series of industrial communications seminars.

The first two seminars will take place on 27 May at Manchester United Football Club Trafford Park, Manchester, and on 28 May at Williams F1 Conference Centre Grove, Wantage, Oxfordshire.

‘We are very aware of the confusion surrounding the various Ethernet-based standards such as Profinet and Ethercat,’ said Peter Crozier, HardwarePT’s technical manager.

‘The seminars will therefore address these issues and will cover how best to interface to legacy networks to ensure smooth migration,’ he added.

The seminars will be led by guest speaker Eric Gory, European product manager for Molex (incorporating Woodhead Industries, Applicon and STT).

Molex’s position in the industrial communications market, along with its independence from the large automation vendors, will mean that the seminars will provide an informative and unbiased content.

The programme will also include application examples including best practice for product selection, network design and system diagnostics.

Further industrial communications seminars will be announced during the year.

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