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Harland Simon UPS designs and manufactures a standard range of extended runtime battery packs that allow a user to increase battery back-up time on an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Autonomies can be increased from several minutes to several days to exactly meet a user’s requirements Extended battery packs can be sold at point of sale or retrofitted to an existing UPS.

Extended runtime options include: 19in enclosure systems; panel loose systems; battery cubicle systems; and 19in module systems.

The 19in enclosure system includes 24U to 42U Sarel Enclosure; UPS (with or without, customer can supply); glass door and solid rear door; 24AH to 100AH battery blocks; standard room installation/ventilation; ingress protection from standard IP31 up to IP54; and dual redundant cooling fans.

Panel systems include loose components for customer to install in their own panel.

Harland Simon can supply UPS, charger/connections module, bypass and batteries complete with cabling for a customer to install onto shelves to best meet their panel’s space constraints.

They also offer easy installation and connection and 24AH to 100AH battery blocks.

Fully assembled free-standing enclosures on casters are designed for easy delivery/installation and for plug-and-play operation with any UPS.

The customer simply plugs the battery pack into the UPS to give extended runtimes.

They include plug-and-play operation; 2M AC and DC lead; a range of standard enclosures; a range of standard batteries; a range of standard chargers; 24AH to 100AH battery blocks; and selectable recharge time (12, 24 or 48 hours).

19in tray systems are fully assembled modules for installation into a customer’s 19in enclosure and connection to a user’s UPS.

The customer simply plugs the battery pack into the UPS to give extended runtimes.

It includes: plug-and-play operation; 3U or 5U option (800D enclosure required); multiple 7AH or 24AH battery; recharge time selectable; packs can be paralleled for long runtimes; parallel packs to give redundancy; DC Connections are via selectable connection plate; and DC bus to suit customer requirement.

All systems offer 10-year high-performance Yuasa VRLA to BS6290/4.

These battery systems can be supplied for almost any UPS module or manufacturer.

Harland Simon UPS

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