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The Hart Communication Foundation has released the enhanced Hart EDDL/DDL (Electronic Device Description Language) Host Test Suite.

The test suite is used by suppliers and developers of host products to test compliance of their implementation and is used by the Foundation to verify and validate compliance of host products submitted for Hart Registration.

The Hart EDDL/DDL Host Test Suite is described as an extensive and rigorous host test program, using 950 automated test cases and 8,300 individual verification points.

The EDDL/DDL Host Test Suite includes test libraries, specifications and adaptable device simulator to stimulate and verify proper host functionality and behaviour for all Hart protocol versions.

The test suite extensively exercises the host product application to verify compliant operation and functioning with respect to DDL/EDDL operation, user interface, data modelling and method execution.

Building on the efforts of the EDDL Co-operation Team (Hart Communication Foundation, Fieldbus Foundation, OPC and Profibus Nutzer-organisation) and the Hart DDL Working Group, realisation of the test suite required many years of co-operative effort by Foundation staff and multi-company volunteers.

Products submitted for Hart registration are tested by the Foundation to independently verify test results and validate that device and data meet Hart Protocol requirements.

The Hart Registration Program is a quality assurance programme to ensure interoperability of products produced to the Hart Standard regardless of the manufacturer.

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