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Hayward Tyler Group has completed the onsite overhaul of four Hayward Tyler boiler circulation pumps (BCPs) at a coal-fired power station in the Philippines in record time.

In March 2008, Hayward Tyler Service Division (HTS) completed the onsite mechanical and electrical overhaul (including stator rewind) of two BCPs in just 35 days.

The prompt and professional approach shown by HTS engineers on these BCPs resulted in the customer requesting a further two BCPs to be overhauled.

The overhaul of these two additional BCPs was completed in a 40-day period.

A typical mechanical overhaul of one BCP, including electrical rewinding, normally takes 30 days to complete.

This type of onsite overhaul work depends heavily on the availability of spares at the site.

The procurement of spares alone can take 10 to 14 weeks.

Spares were procured by HTS in eight weeks, enabling onsite work to progress as planned.

The Masinloc coal-fired power plant (Masinloc CPP) is a 600MW plant located in Masinloc, province of Zambales.

Masinloc CPP installed BCPs from Hayward Tyler in 1996.

The power station, which is now owned by Masinloc Power Partners, a subsidiary of AES Corporation, was originally a government-run facility.

A lack of expenditure on planned maintenance prior to the takeover by AES meant that the BCPs had been poorly maintained.

On site, there are two boilers and seven Hayward Tyler BCPs, each boiler nominally requiring three BCPs, with an additional BCP as standby.

Before HTS conducted the first overhaul and rewind work in March 2008, the remaining BCPs had been running continuously for a number of years.

With a lack of any planned maintenance, the number of pumps in service was, in some cases, reduced to just two pumps per boiler, rather than the nominal three pumps.

The overall condition of the units had therefore deteriorated and had run into a state of disrepair.

Anil Patel, export sales engineer at HTS, said: ‘This, in effect, had reduced the output of the Masinloc power plant significantly, which in turn equated to lost revenue.

‘Therefore, any attempt at scheduling in planned maintenance was given low priority and outages were deferred.

‘The AES takeover period was controlled but added a further period of time during the condition of suspension, which allowed a further degradation in the condition of the plant.

‘However, provision and coordination with AES enabled the rapid release of orders and financing to initiate the supply of goods and services from HTS to support the extensive maintenance programme that followed the handover.’ Hayward Tyler rotating equipment service centres are capable of providing outage, repair, overhaul and test services for boiler circulating pumps, subsea motors, submersible pumps, canned pumps and steam turbines from a variety of manufacturers and industries.

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