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HBM’s TB2 torque reference transducer is designed for use in onsite calibrations, such as in the calibration of torque transducers without having to remove them from the test bench.

The TB2 is available with nominal (rated) torques of 500Nm, 1kNm, 2kNm, 3kNm, 5kNm and 10kNm and is characterised by a low measurement uncertainty.

The transducer is suitable for non-rotational torque measurements.

It is available with a hermetically sealed design and an IP67 protection class, as per EN 60529 for use in challenging ambient conditions.

The TB2 reference transducer offers low sensitivity to parasitic influences, such as bending moments and lateral forces.

Sensitivity to ambient influences, such as temperature deviations, is also very low, thanks to the enclosed geometry of the measuring body, according to the company.

The TB2 can meet all general climatic challenges in an operating temperature range of -50C to +80C.

Originally developed for industrial applications, the TB2 can also be used as a transfer transducer for torque calibration under laboratory conditions because of its high precision.

The TB2 transducer typically reaches its best class of 0.05 as per DIN 51309 or EA-10/14 for measurement range initial values from two per cent; a range of 40 per cent to 100 per cent is normally required for this standard.

The strain gages (SGs) used in the measurement system enable the use of all amplifiers that support SG full bridges.

This includes, for example, HBM’s ML38B precision amplifier module in the MGCplus system.

HBM is a global market leader in test and measurement, and weighing technologies.Our state-of-the-art, innovative products set standards for precision throughout the world

HBM supply a wide range of instrumentation including: strain gauges; transducers for torque / force / weight / displacement / pressure & acceleration; data acquisitions systems; industrial electronics; laboratory & calibration electronics and analysis & control software

Whatever your measurement needs, whatever your industry, whether in: automotive, aerospace, rail, energy, transport, construction, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petrochemicals and weighing, HBM can assist throughout your entire measurement chain

HBM also offer a range of additional services alongside its products, including: on-site technical support; training & seminars; verification and calibration; support & maintenance contracts, and stress measurement services

HBM operates 24 subsidiaries and sales offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia with approximately 1,200 employees.In addition, the company is represented in a further 40 countries worldwide

R&D and production facilities are located in Darmstadt, Germany, as well as in Marlborough, MA, U.S.A.and Suzhou in China

HBM is wholly owned subsidiary of Spectris plc, the specialist technology-based instrumentation and electronics controls company

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