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HBM has released version 6.0 of its Perception data acquisition software.

Perception integrates multi-platform hardware control, live display, data acquisition, review, analysis, report generation and data export in one package.

It has been designed from basic principles, ensuring that it is easy to use while allowing control of both small- and large-scale systems.

This latest version adds live FFT capabilities to the HBM Genesis Highspeed product family, allowing users to visualise signals simultaneously in both the time and the frequency domain.

As it is PC based, it is usable with any Perception-controlled DAQ system, such as the portable GEN5i, GEN7t or GEN16t rack mainframes and Liberty.

FFT is said to be particularly useful for customers that are just starting out in frequency domain analysis because of its ease of use and high flexibility.

For example, FFT can be enabled for transferring signals currently shown in the time domain to the frequency domain with a single click.

The basic FFT option allows a choice of window lengths of up to a million samples, four different weighting filters and analysis functions such as FFT Spectrum, Auto Power Spectrum or Power Spectral Density.

For critical settings, the software includes readily accessible help, ensuring that users make the right choice for the best results.

Perception also provides powerful customisation tools.

Customer-specific plug-ins created with the customer software interface (CSI) are fully integrated in the Perception operator interface so that user-specific and automated tasks can be included in the workflow.

Close integration with Microsoft Office allows the user to transfer tables, displays and results into Word or Excel.

HBM’s patented Statstream technology allows large datasets – even with gigabytes of data – to be handled, reviewed and analysed in just a few seconds.

With Statstream, several parallel, reduced data streams are produced in real time during the measurement and are saved with the raw data.

If, for example, a 10Gb dataset is displayed on screen, this display is then generated from a reduced dataset.

Perception is a high-end software designed to control the Genesis Highspeed product family.

This ranges from rugged data acquisition systems with sample rates of 100KS/s to the top-end GEN DAQ series with sample rates up to 100MS/s.

HBM is a global market leader in test and measurement, and weighing technologies.Our state-of-the-art, innovative products set standards for precision throughout the world

HBM supply a wide range of instrumentation including: strain gauges; transducers for torque / force / weight / displacement / pressure & acceleration; data acquisitions systems; industrial electronics; laboratory & calibration electronics and analysis & control software

Whatever your measurement needs, whatever your industry, whether in: automotive, aerospace, rail, energy, transport, construction, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petrochemicals and weighing, HBM can assist throughout your entire measurement chain

HBM also offer a range of additional services alongside its products, including: on-site technical support; training & seminars; verification and calibration; support & maintenance contracts, and stress measurement services

HBM operates 24 subsidiaries and sales offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia with approximately 1,200 employees.In addition, the company is represented in a further 40 countries worldwide

R&D and production facilities are located in Darmstadt, Germany, as well as in Marlborough, MA, U.S.A.and Suzhou in China

HBM is wholly owned subsidiary of Spectris plc, the specialist technology-based instrumentation and electronics controls company

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