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Adax has announced the compatibility of its HDC3 SS7 board with the PCIe Expressmodule Expansion Blade chassis from Magma, providing seamless integration with the Sun Blade 6000 modular system.

The Sun Blade 6000 family is highly flexible and scalable and allows for hot-swappable PCIe cards, using the PCIe Expressmodule (PCIe EM) standard.

The combination lets users of the Sun Blade 6000 system benefit from the systems offered by existing PCIe cards.

Adax PCIe cards can be inserted into Magma’s PCI Express Blade Expansion chassis system and connected using an iPass cable to the Sun Blade 6000 Server.

Drew Sproul, director of sales and marketing at Adax, said: ‘When the Adax PCIe cards are combined with Magma’s Blade Expansion chassis, it means that upgrading servers to the new PCIe EM standard won’t make their existing PCIe cards redundant.’ The system is offered to market following rigorous lab-based tests designed to mimic the toughest signalling environments.

The tests proved that the Adax and Magma system integrated with the Sun Blade 6000, regardless of whether it used an Intel or Sparc processor.

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