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Toshiba Storage Device Division’s large-capacity 1.8in (4.6cm) form-factor HDD is offered with a 5mm frame, making it suitable for use in compact mobile devices.

These include digital video recorders (DVCs); personal media players and compact external HDDs; as well as media tablets; notebook PCs; mini notebooks; and thin, light and ruggedised laptop PCs where high storage capacity coupled with a sleek, slimline design is essential.

At 220GB, the MK2239GSL single-platter SATA HDD is said to offer the highest capacity per space available.

The MK2239GSL is part of a new line of 1.8in HDDs that are the first to be developed with LIF SATA connector, enabling Toshiba to produce a drive up to 10 per cent smaller foot print than those with micro SATA connector.

The MKxx39GSL HDD series has also been developed using long sector formatting – an advanced format technology that Toshiba has used since 2007 due to its ability to increase storage capabilities.

This combination of LIF SATA and long sector formatting enables Toshiba to produce HDDs that provide a high quality performance and large capacity, yet are still portable and compact.

The MKxx39GSL line of HDDs includes the following products: the MK1639GSL, the MK2039GSL and the MK2239GSL, with capacities of 160, 200 and 220GB respectively.

With an energy consumption efficiency of 0.0016W/GB, the MK2239GSL uses 30 per cent less power than previous models such as the MK1634GSL.

The lower power consumption of the MK2239GSL will increase battery life, essential for mobile multimedia devices such as notebook PCs or tablets.

The MKxx39GSL line has been designed with portability in mind.

Weighing 48g, it can withstand up to 1,500Gs of non-operational shock and 600Gs operational shock, a vibration robustness that surpasses 2.5in (6.4cm) form-factor durability.

This means it can withstand tougher mobile conditions, for example when being transported from place to place, or if the device were to be dropped.

Each HDD also has a high buffer memory of 16MB and interface transfer rate of 1.5 Gb/sec.

This enables the fast transfer of media data, ideal in mobile consumer devices where quick access to high-resolution images and AV is essential.

The environmental impact of the MKxx39GSL HDD line has been reduced by the elimination of halogen and antimony in its manufacture, and all are RoHS compliant.

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