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Healthcare company Johnson and Johnson has placed a USD1.9m (GBP1.2m) order for Sciemetric Instruments’ quality measurement and process management platform.

Sciemetric technology is said to give medical device manufacturers complete visibility into their manufacturing processes, eliminate destructive testing, prove compliance and move away from traditional testing methodologies that decrease yield while often failing to determine that each individual device is actually free of defects.

‘The adoption of Sciemetric’s Process Signature Technology lets manufacturers improve quality, achieve compliance and reduce cost by eliminating destructive testing and replacing it with a more scientific approach in which all processes critical to quality are measured for every single device made,’ said Nathan Sheaff, chief executive officer and founder of Sciemetric.

Many medical device manufacturers currently use batch testing, wherein a sample population of parts – usually a significant percentage of the manufactured output – is tested to failure.

The Process Signature Technology approach is claimed to be more comprehensive and cost effective because it measures each essential element of the manufacturing process, ensuring that each device meets required input criteria and so can be expected to perform as required.

Sciemetric offers the precise signature of the manufacturing process, enabling manufacturers to determine root causes.

If a defective product makes it into circulation and the Food and Drug Administration shuts down production lines, Sciemetric claims that its users can quickly find and fix the problem and prove how it has been corrected.

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