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Heason Technology has launched a range of ultra-compact high-torque gearboxes and servomotor driven rotary positioning actuators, based upon Spinea’s Twinspin bearing reducer technology.

The TS50 gearbox and DS50 servo actuator are both packaged in nominal 50mm square housings and, complete with heavy-duty radial/axial output bearings, feature a 18Nm-rated torque output with a five times overload capacity for short-term emergency conditions.

With smooth backlash-free performance suited to high-precision/heavy-load positioning, the miniature gearbox and actuator will satisfy space restricted and high-torque applications across robotics and automation.

The Twinspin uses a trochoidal gear reduction principle, based on two eccentrically rotating planetary gears that mesh via precision needle rollers in an outer gear ring.

The input shaft rotates the eccentric action of the planetary gearing, causing the outer ring to rotate in the same direction.

With almost 50 per cent simultaneous gear meshing and with the input to output reduction determined by the ratio between planetary and ring gear teeth, the Twinspin is able to efficiently transmit very high torque with backlash-free performance.

In addition, due to such a high contact surface area and a robust power transmission and bearing system, the Twinspin bearing reducer can withstand up to five times overload torque under emergency stall conditions.

The design has a very low input inertia and friction rating allowing a fast servo system response with noise and vibration levels that are also suited to sensitive high-resolution positioning.

For the miniature TS50 gearbox, a standard internal 6mm diameter shaft with a keyway slot provides the input interface and the output is handled by a flange opposite the mounting face.

With a fixed 63:1 reduction ratio and overall length within 41mm, it is possible to offer a variety of different input to output mechanical configurations and alternate internal bearing systems to suit increased load handling, reduced friction, larger ambient temperature range and improved precision versions.

The protection class for the standard product is IP64.

When built into the DS50 compact servo actuator, the gearbox is mounted to an AC servomotor with integral resolver feedback.

The mechanical interface from the output shaft to the load may be customised to suit requirements.

Brake options are available and motors may be fitted with flying leads or connectors.

Alternative position feedback options including external load mounted rotary or linear encoder systems are available from Heason Technology, and the company is able to provide a wide range of drives and motion controls to complete the application.

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