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Heason Technology has released a high-throughput version of the ultra-compact Mini-MAG linear motor-driven positioning stage from its exclusive distribution partner Dover

The MMG-AL includes the primary design and dimensional characteristics of the established range, but replaces the stainless-steel base and top plate with a simplified high-grade aluminium construction and an optional single-phase linear motor that combine for a minimised moving mass with higher bandwidth performance and with the added benefit of reduced stage and drive amplifier costs.

Four standard travel options from 25 to 150mm are available for the small-footprint stage, which has a nominal width of 80mm and includes Dover’s MAG moving magnet motor technology that eliminates the need for moving motor cables.

The durable side-mounted tape-style optical encoder is available in a choice of positional resolution from 0.1 to 0.005um.

With specified bidirectional repeatability to within +/-0.5um, and with stage flatness and straightness across the MMG-AL range between 4 and 8um, the positional accuracy is for the 25mm travel version is 3um with a 0.1um encoder.

The MMG-AL has less than two thirds of the total mass of its stainless-steel counterpart and a nominal load capacity of 8kg with higher load capacity on request.

The maximum velocity of 0.5msec and acceleration to 2.2m/sec ensures that the stage can meet the dynamic performance required for the most demanding high-precision production systems.

The stage is aimed at the high-throughput imaging industries but is suitable for any precision positioning application where step and settle times and in-position stability are principal requirements.

With a typical sustained throughput rate of up to 2,000 moves per minute and position stability below 100nm, the low-mass design also suits vertical applications for Z-plane focusing without the need for a counterbalance system, where a 5um move can be completed in under 20msec.

The non-contact linear motor and encoder system requires little maintenance and the MMG-AL’s anti-creep bearing system will provide an exceptionally long working life with minimal maintenance.

The Dover range includes linear and rotary stages in medium- to ultra-high-precision grades, based on both air and mechanical bearing technologies and with linear or rotary servomotor drive systems.

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