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Precision Brand Products has introduced 12 x 24in, type 321 Heat Treating Sheets, as a safer and more economical alternative to the standard tool wrap rolls.

The sheet design is targeted to keep handling to a minimum, thus reducing waste and improving product performance.

The 12 x 24in sheet size has been tested and chosen to be the optimum size to accommodate the vast majority of parts, especially those heat treated in small bench-type furnaces.

Individual sheets are easy to access and fabricate, requiring one cut or less to form into a usable heat-treating envelope for the part.

Less handling means less risk of being cut.

The 12 x 24in Heat Treating Sheets are packaged with easy handling and storage in mind.

The packaging allows for easy access to each individual sheet and provides protection from dirt and damage during storage.

Excess material can be stored flat in the box.

The sheets are packaged in 10-, 20- or 30-sheet packages.

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