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HTMS in-house platings or coatings can be applied to improve the sealing performance of the company’s metal seals.

Its resilient metal seals are designed to provide the required tightness when subjected to extreme temperature, pressure and media.

The seals are produced from stainless steel or high-temperature alloy tubing, strip and wire.

Depending on the required tightness, the selected seal, the media to be sealed and the condition of the mating surface, a softer or harder plating or coating can be chosen.

When temperature allows, either PTFE coating or soft silver should be applied.

The soft layer, flows at seal compression into the mating surface irregularities and creates the best seal performance possible.

HTMS suggests to heat treat all non-spring-energised metal C rings.

High-performance metal seals will perform better in the heat-treated condition.

Heat treatment of super alloys such as Inconel X750, Inconel 718 and Haynes 214, will increase the yield strength of the material.

This influences the seal’s performance, because of increased seating load and a better spring back.

The increased seating load will press the soft plating more effectively into the surface irregularities, thus creating a better seal.

The higher spring back means that the intimate contact between the seal and the mating surface is maintained longer in case of flange deflection.

This can be a result of high temperatures, high pressures or a combination of both.

Heat treatment is mostly not required for spring-energised C rings and metal O rings.

Some demanding applications in oil and gas environments do require heat treatment to prevent material embrittlement.

Annealing and heat treatment also improves a seal’s resistance against fatigue under cyclic loads.

HTMS offers age hardening, annealing, and solution and precipitation heat treatment.

Metal O rings and and some spring-energised C rings made from austenitic stainless steels are not precipitation-hardenable.

These seals can only be supplied in the work-hardened condition.

For demanding applications and for temperatures of more than 400C, HTMS advises the use of high-alloy steels.

HTMS is a private owned company, founded in 1999 by a group of sealing specialist with currently a combined experience of more than 100 years. The plant is located in Mechelen, Belgium.
High Tech Metal Seals, short HTMS designs and manufactures elastic or resilient metal seals.
*  Metal O Rings
*  Spring Energised Metal O Rings
*  Metal-C-Rings
*  Spring Energised Metal C Rings
*  Metal Oysterseal®
*  Metal Commaseal®
HTMS, Resilient Metal Seals are used in a wide variety of applications where normal seals cannot handle extremes of temperature, pressure, medium or combinations there off.
HTMS specialises in metallic seals, serving all markets, including Aerospace, Nuclear, Automotive, Industrial, Medical and others.
HTMS is dedicated to produce resilient metal seals under the most stringent quality procedures. The company is also ISO9000 certified. The quality system has been audited according to ISO9100 by Safran/Snecma
*  Computer controlled welding equipment
*  100% LP test on O Ring seal welds
*  X-ray of weld area on request
*  Helium leak test equipment, with electronic data logging
*  Seating load and spring back measurement equipment
*  Heat treatment

  • More than 100 years of experience
  • In house testing
  • R&D new products
  • Close co-operation with universities
  • Short delivery times
  • Rush production procedure
  • Dedicated staff
  • Quick response time

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