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Therma Klear transparent heaters from Dontech are said to be ideal for applications including avionics displays, vehicle displays, mobile computers, kiosks and handheld devices.

The heaters provide the warmth necessary to extend the operating temperature of liquid crystal displays (LCD) in cold environments (for example, from 0C to below -40C).

They are also said to be ideal for the anti-fog, anti-icing and de-icing of optics and optical camera, sensor and display assemblies.

A Therma Klear heater is composed of an electrically conductive thin-film coating on a visually transparent substrate.

When current flows across the coating, it generates heat.

Dontech manufactures heaters using different types of crystalline materials (for example, zinc sulphide or germanium), glass, acrylic, and polycarbonate substrates.

Custom shapes are available in sizes up to 24in in diameter.

Dontech can optically match the properties of a Therma Klear conductive coating through dielectric enhancement (index-matching) to improve reflection and transmission properties in the desired optical performance band (for example, visible spectrum, near-infrared).

By index-matching, reflection losses are converted to transmitted light.

Dontech can index-match the conductive coating to air (n=1), to the optical substrate, and to an optical adhesive (n=1.43 through n>2.36).

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