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Bonfiglioli is offering its heavy-duty (HD) range of products, which includes the HDO (right-angle), HDP (parallel) and planetary 300 series.

The company is getting involved with larger torque applications – the planetary range is presently over 1.1 million Nm output torque.

The HD product has the ability and flexibility to combine with Bonfiglioli’s smaller gearboxes, to achieve larger gear ratios, or ancillary drives.

Recently, the company’s colleagues in Australia replaced a broken gearbox with an HD combination drive.

The Unimin cement and lime works near Kandos in New South Wales required a replacement parallel helical gearbox delivering more than 60,000Nm torque after its kiln drive suffered a gear failure.

The solution supplied was an A803 helical bevel with a double extension output shaft, which also accommodates a pony emergency drive.

Fitted with a close-coupled motor, the unit drives into a Bonfiglioli HDP 140 three-stage parallel helical gearbox with a 25.1 ratio.

The complete solution was supplied on its own base plate, allowing for ease of coupling to the kiln and the pony drive.

The gearbox was assembled swiftly in Sydney from parts in stock, utilising Bonfiglioli’s complete assembly and testing line dedicated to HDP parallel shaft and HDO bevel helical industrial drives.

The HD range of industrial drives was purpose built with this in mind, allowing for assembly to customer requirements by Bonfiglioli around the globe.

Bonfiglioli is assembling the HD range in Australia, Brazil, US, South Africa and in Europe, so the company is able to supply and support product supplied to local markets throughout the globe.

The HD series is engineered for: outstanding torque density; high casing strength; latest bearing technology for long life; and quiet, trouble-free operation.

The HD and planetary drives are used for a range of high-power applications such as conveyors, cranes, mixers, fans and pumps, and are able to be engineered to develop high-torque combination drives.


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