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Zytronic, with its systems integration partner JEA Technologies, has brought heavy-duty touchscreen functionality to its J-Vue interactive display units, for customer use in supermarkets and banks.

In enabling marketers to engage interactively with customers, J-Vue units have the potential to change how consumers browse, select and purchase goods, while allowing vendors to promote their services and gather marketing data at all hours.

Offered as self-assembly kits, these units are suitable for deployment in supermarkets, car dealerships, estate agencies and bank branches, enabling a higher degree of customer interactivity.

Each unit features a high-brightness LCD panel (capable of producing 700 nits of luminance indoors) and has full HD resolution.

Integrating a 42in (106cm) PCT-based ZYBRID touchscreen, linked to the recently introduced ZXY100 touch controller, J-Vue has a sleek design to appeal to consumers.

The patented PCT touch-sensing mechanism is made up of a matrix of micro-fine capacitor elements embedded into a laminated substrate, which can be placed safely behind a thick protective overlay or even a shop window.

This safeguards the sensor structure from scratches, shock, vibration and the build up of dirt, all of which can cut short the operational lifespan of products based on traditional front-facing touch technologies, such as resistive or surface capacitive.

It also allows the display enclosure to be sealed to comply with an IP67 rating, providing protection against dust or liquid ingress.

Furthermore, as the sensing elements are located on the rear of the panel, unlike optical, IR or surface-wave acoustic touch sensors, PCT screens do not require a mounting bezel or frame, making entirely glass-fronted designs possible.

The technology’s high sensitivity means it can be activated using a heavily gloved hand, which is a beneficial quality in industrial, medical and outdoor applications.

Finally, the highly customisable nature of the ZYBRID sensors means they can be offered in any form/factor from 5 to 82in, providing designers with an important tool in differentiating the appearance of their product.

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