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Voith Paper’s Manchester manufacturing plant has installed a 120-tonne crane from Street Crane to ensure efficient and safe loading and unloading of the grinding machine.

The machine will grind and produce perfect geometry and balance in paper machine rollers of up to 115 tonnes.

The crane will be used for loading and offloading vehicles and positioning rollers onto a CNC controlled Waldrich Siegen roll grinder and up-rated IRD balancing machine.

This requires precision movement and an auxiliary 10-tonne hoist is provided to permit rotation and final manoeuvring of the load.

Major structural elements of the crane include twin box-beam girders for rigidity with eight-wheel carriages to spread the load.

Hoisting is achieved via a heavy-duty crab unit based on a twin scrolling open barrel hoist design that ensures the hook follows a true vertical lifting path.

Programmable microprocessor controllers, along with digital frequency inverters on the motor drives, provide smooth acceleration and deceleration for safe transport of the load with no load swing.

The overhead crane features a range of safety systems including audible alarm, flashing amber light and an anti-collision system.

Like all cranes from Street Crane, the brake operates on the first reduction shaft in the gearbox so that the load is held securely even in the unlikely event of a motor failure.

A wire-free radio remote control allows the operator to adopt the best position for safety and visibility.

A conventional pendant control is also provided as a back up.

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