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Hectronic has announced a Qseven Starter Kit for rapid development of ultra-compact and low-power embedded systems.

The Starter Kit is based on the H6049 Qseven Module with an Intel Atom Z510/530 processor.

The H4103 Reference Carrier Board and Board Support Packages for Windows XP Pro/XP Embedded and Linux are included to save time by enabling customers to start developing the application before the custom carrier board is finalised.

The Starter Kit features NANDrive Flash SSD, one port for PCIe and one port for PCIe or 1Gbit Ethernet.

The graphical interface is LVDS and SDVO, and the enclosed interface card enables VGA or DVI output.

The H4103 Reference Carrier Board can be used with an off-the-shelf ATX power supply.

Hectronic includes free development tools, drivers and a complete open source operating system as part of its Linux BSP for the Qseven Starter Kit.

The Qseven standard is defined for low cost, low power and compact applications, such as handheld, battery-powered equipment.

Hectronic is targeting volume applications in the ultra-mobile embedded space, such as example testers, medical devices and rugged tablets.


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